Season 3, episode 6


Oh my gosh, Bates is free!!!! I guess I can take off my “Free Bates” shirt and start one for Thomas–not sure how that one will read.

Never mind Thomas–Mr. Barrow–did I mention Bates is Free. It’s about time a girl get a break around here, with the grieving over Lady Sybil and all. It is a bit awkward when Bates returns to the house, however, as Mr. Barrow has been acting as the Lordships valet ever since Bates went to prison. Of course, leave up to Mr. Fellowes, to find an incident and place for Mr. Barrow.

This brings us to O’Brien’s plan to exploit the emotionally deprived Thomas by spreading false hope that Jimmy has the same feelings as he does. Who knew Mr. Barrow would actually act on his feelings, especially after only word from O’Brien. But I guess we all would act if our love interest looked something like Jimmy…

embargoed_downton_abbey_christmas_2012_128Again, I couldn’t help myself.

Back to what I was saying, Thomas was duped by O’Brien–again–and in his search for love with Jimmy is caught by Alfred. As this whole scandal is told to Mr. Carson, we eventually realize that O’Brien is not finished with Thomas just yet. She explains to Jimmy that he must insist Mr. Barrow be fired with no letter of recommendation what-so-ever, leaving him to fend for himself. During this time when homosexuality was considered a crime, Thomas is now left with the possibility of jail time and a life with no respectable work.

But of course–if Mr. Fellowes and his Lordship have anything to say about it–Thomas will keep his job at Downton as under butler and O’Brien will become the blackmailed one. Enjoying a little taste of our own medicine are we, Ms. O’Brien?

Moving on back to business upstairs, Mathew is still having a difficult time convincing Robert he is not against him and is truly only trying to make Downton a sustainable entity. It seems only with the new appointment of Branson–granny it’s Tom–as the new property manager will the balance between old and new-er find a happy medium. Phew, I was hoping Tom and Sybi–love the nickname, by the way– would stick around.

Now the men have begun to play nice, we can avert our attention to the women upstairs. Edith’s career as a journalist is taking off. One has to be a little inquisitive about her new venture, however, because it seems as if her editor is quite smitten–and married! Edith, you scoundrel, you.

While in London to visit her editor, Edith agrees to have granny’s great-niece, Rose, and Mathew join her. Mathew has “business” of his own to care to in London and Rose is just a lady of the “swinging 20s,” if you know what I mean. As it turns out, Mathew’s “business” turns out to be the same as Lady Mary’s–seeing a fertility doctor. We find out that Mary has undergone a small surgery that will allow the couple to produce an heir–it’s about time!

And the yearly–by yearly, Mr. Fellowes means this season’s–cricket match has got everyone in the house vs. village mode. The team building and practicing begins and everyone starts to realize what must be done to uphold the victory of Downton, which is done as the house wins against the village.

As everyone’s competitive nature is out-and-about, I’m very excited to see what Season 3’s finale has in store…an heir announcement perhaps! Watch the episode preview, and let me know your predictions!

Watch Downton Abbey, Season 3: Episode 7 Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.


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