Season 3, episode 7


The season 3 finale seamed to be going good and staying positive for all until the very last scene when Mr. Fellowes did the unthinkable, again–kill off a beloved character. HOW COULD YOU?!

So, naturally, I’m going to recap the finale but also describe my feelings on season 3 deaths with Tumblr clips that are very fitting.

The episode opens up on the Crawley family a year after we left them in episode 6 with an eight month pregnant Mary and the family and servants preparing for their traditional trip to Scotland to visit Violet’s niece and her family. Everyone’s still getting over Sybil’s death, but things are starting to get back to routine. Tom is overseeing the estate and raising Sybi in the family house–again, love the nickname.

As the family is off to Scotland some of the downstairs staff is left behind to care for the main house, and while the family is away the servants will play. There is a fair in town, which everyone left behind attended. And while some played games and won a tug of war match for Downton against local hoodlums, others drank a little too much–Jimmy–and got into trouble with said local hoodlums. No worries, though, Thomas came to the rescue and took the beating for Jimmy–such a knight in shining armor, Thomas! All the while Mrs. Patmore was being wooed by a local grocer, Mr. Tuften. Whom, as it turned out, was just looking for a woman to cook his dinners. Thank goodness she got out of that one!

Back in Scotland the family is having fun hunting and dancing at the gillies’ ball. Edith’s editor, Mr. Gregson, manages to be in Scotland and is able to join them in festivities–not surprising. He’s been trying to get to Edith for a while now. Anna and Bates are able to enjoy a boozy picnic together and Anna learns Scottish dance from the rebellious Rose.

After the ball, Mary realizes she needs to head home early for the sake of the baby and take it easy. When her and Anna return to Downton, Mary is immediately rushed to the hospital where baby and lady come out healthy. The baby being the next heir to Downton, of course. Mathew and the family rush home from Scotland.

And as Mathew first sees Mary and the baby he is elated. While driving back to Downton to get the whole family, he swerves off the road to miss a truck coming at him and drives into a ditch. His car falls on top of him and he receives a deadly blow to the head. Mathew is dead and now his heir will be the next in line to inherit Downton.

Without having any words to describe… these Tumblr clips sum up season 3.






Here’s a tribute to Mary and Mathew and to hoping next season brings rainbows and lollipops!


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