Season 3, episode 7


The season 3 finale seamed to be going good and staying positive for all until the very last scene when Mr. Fellowes did the unthinkable, again–kill off a beloved character. HOW COULD YOU?!

So, naturally, I’m going to recap the finale but also describe my feelings on season 3 deaths with Tumblr clips that are very fitting.

The episode opens up on the Crawley family a year after we left them in episode 6 with an eight month pregnant Mary and the family and servants preparing for their traditional trip to Scotland to visit Violet’s niece and her family. Everyone’s still getting over Sybil’s death, but things are starting to get back to routine. Tom is overseeing the estate and raising Sybi in the family house–again, love the nickname.

As the family is off to Scotland some of the downstairs staff is left behind to care for the main house, and while the family is away the servants will play. There is a fair in town, which everyone left behind attended. And while some played games and won a tug of war match for Downton against local hoodlums, others drank a little too much–Jimmy–and got into trouble with said local hoodlums. No worries, though, Thomas came to the rescue and took the beating for Jimmy–such a knight in shining armor, Thomas! All the while Mrs. Patmore was being wooed by a local grocer, Mr. Tuften. Whom, as it turned out, was just looking for a woman to cook his dinners. Thank goodness she got out of that one!

Back in Scotland the family is having fun hunting and dancing at the gillies’ ball. Edith’s editor, Mr. Gregson, manages to be in Scotland and is able to join them in festivities–not surprising. He’s been trying to get to Edith for a while now. Anna and Bates are able to enjoy a boozy picnic together and Anna learns Scottish dance from the rebellious Rose.

After the ball, Mary realizes she needs to head home early for the sake of the baby and take it easy. When her and Anna return to Downton, Mary is immediately rushed to the hospital where baby and lady come out healthy. The baby being the next heir to Downton, of course. Mathew and the family rush home from Scotland.

And as Mathew first sees Mary and the baby he is elated. While driving back to Downton to get the whole family, he swerves off the road to miss a truck coming at him and drives into a ditch. His car falls on top of him and he receives a deadly blow to the head. Mathew is dead and now his heir will be the next in line to inherit Downton.

Without having any words to describe… these Tumblr clips sum up season 3.






Here’s a tribute to Mary and Mathew and to hoping next season brings rainbows and lollipops!


Season 3, episode 6


Oh my gosh, Bates is free!!!! I guess I can take off my “Free Bates” shirt and start one for Thomas–not sure how that one will read.

Never mind Thomas–Mr. Barrow–did I mention Bates is Free. It’s about time a girl get a break around here, with the grieving over Lady Sybil and all. It is a bit awkward when Bates returns to the house, however, as Mr. Barrow has been acting as the Lordships valet ever since Bates went to prison. Of course, leave up to Mr. Fellowes, to find an incident and place for Mr. Barrow.

This brings us to O’Brien’s plan to exploit the emotionally deprived Thomas by spreading false hope that Jimmy has the same feelings as he does. Who knew Mr. Barrow would actually act on his feelings, especially after only word from O’Brien. But I guess we all would act if our love interest looked something like Jimmy…

embargoed_downton_abbey_christmas_2012_128Again, I couldn’t help myself.

Back to what I was saying, Thomas was duped by O’Brien–again–and in his search for love with Jimmy is caught by Alfred. As this whole scandal is told to Mr. Carson, we eventually realize that O’Brien is not finished with Thomas just yet. She explains to Jimmy that he must insist Mr. Barrow be fired with no letter of recommendation what-so-ever, leaving him to fend for himself. During this time when homosexuality was considered a crime, Thomas is now left with the possibility of jail time and a life with no respectable work.

But of course–if Mr. Fellowes and his Lordship have anything to say about it–Thomas will keep his job at Downton as under butler and O’Brien will become the blackmailed one. Enjoying a little taste of our own medicine are we, Ms. O’Brien?

Moving on back to business upstairs, Mathew is still having a difficult time convincing Robert he is not against him and is truly only trying to make Downton a sustainable entity. It seems only with the new appointment of Branson–granny it’s Tom–as the new property manager will the balance between old and new-er find a happy medium. Phew, I was hoping Tom and Sybi–love the nickname, by the way– would stick around.

Now the men have begun to play nice, we can avert our attention to the women upstairs. Edith’s career as a journalist is taking off. One has to be a little inquisitive about her new venture, however, because it seems as if her editor is quite smitten–and married! Edith, you scoundrel, you.

While in London to visit her editor, Edith agrees to have granny’s great-niece, Rose, and Mathew join her. Mathew has “business” of his own to care to in London and Rose is just a lady of the “swinging 20s,” if you know what I mean. As it turns out, Mathew’s “business” turns out to be the same as Lady Mary’s–seeing a fertility doctor. We find out that Mary has undergone a small surgery that will allow the couple to produce an heir–it’s about time!

And the yearly–by yearly, Mr. Fellowes means this season’s–cricket match has got everyone in the house vs. village mode. The team building and practicing begins and everyone starts to realize what must be done to uphold the victory of Downton, which is done as the house wins against the village.

As everyone’s competitive nature is out-and-about, I’m very excited to see what Season 3’s finale has in store…an heir announcement perhaps! Watch the episode preview, and let me know your predictions!

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Season 3, episode 5


In the aftermath of Sybil’s death–no she hasn’t been brought back as a ghost, yet–this week’s episode is full of heart and sorrow. As the Dowager Countess expressed, “I do not speak much of the heart because it is seldom helpful to do so. But I know well enough the pain when it is broken.” Well put Dowager and now we have begun to see all the love Downton has to offer.

Upstairs we have a new couple taking the lead of their own, Mathew and Mary. It seems the two have synced and are working together to lead the rest of the house out of this hard time. Whereas Robert and Cora could stand to take a few notes from Mathew and Mary. Those two are still not talking, and it seems as if blame has taken over their relationship–just make up already! Although they are able to work out their sorrow and grief together at the end of the episode, I know Cora did not believe–for one second–Dr. Clarkson’s false predictions of Sybil’s unstoppable death. And then Tom and his daughter, Sybil. They have formed their own love and reliability upon each other. For Tom, baby Sybil is the only piece of his beloved Sybil he has left–we all know why baby Sybil relies on Tom, right?

Downstairs has plenty of love to go around, too. Daisy is now caught in a love triangle–or square of some sort–and can’t seem to keep out of it. Poor Alfred doesn’t seem to catch the hint that he’s going after the wrong girl–hopefully Daisy can catch a break at some point, like with Jimmy! Sorry Thomas, I think you’re out of luck with him. Daisy now also has fatherly love to consider. William’s lovely dad appreciates Daisy and all her hard work and would love to free her of the service industry. You go Daisy!  Although she still hasn’t made up her mind, I sure do hope she’s able to find clarity and happiness in whatever her decision is. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Mrs. Patmore and the other women of the household–Cora, Mary, Edith, Isobel and the Dowager Countess–all showed ladies of the roaring 20s love to Ethel as they refused to leave Isobel’s ladies luncheon–Robert, don’t come between a woman and her Charlotte cake.

Ladies of the 20s, keep powering on! I can’t wait to see what happens next episode with Bates returning and, hopefully, Daisy can get some of her love square squared away–let’s hope that square has something to do with Jimmy.

Until next time, I leave you:


I couldn’t help myself…

Season 3, episode 4


Nnnnoooooooo, Sybil don’t leave us! As always, Downton gave us all plenty of story line to talk of, but all that seems to matter is poor poor Lady Sybil and Tom (and the new baby).

After Lady Sybil was able to give birth to her new daughter all seemed to be good and well, and then later in the night tragedy struck as Sybil asphyxiated to death–quite graphically, I may add. And as I try to write this blog through my tears–I know it’s only a show–I can’t help but remember Cora’s goodbye to her sweet baby daughter and the newborn girl and husband, Tom, Sybil left behind. We will love you forever, Sybil! Please come back to us!

And though I sit and ponder what could happen with Tom and their baby, I know other important news was brought to our attention in tonight’s episode.

As I attempt to see past my favorite character’s graphic death, let me give a brief look at the other “newsworthy” happenings.

Ethel has been rashly hired by Isabella, which has left Mrs. Bird without any other option but to leave the her position as cook. Isabella might regret her decision later, however as we’ve come to realize Ethel has zero-to-no cooking abilities what so ever.

Mrs. O’Brien and Thomas–currently being referred to as Mr. Barrow–are still plotting against each other as Mrs. O’Brien has tricked the new footman into what Thomas may have misread as love signals. We’ll have to wait and see how this plot unfolds… Also, we were given insight into Thomas’s heart–big shocker. He shows us his relationship with Lady Sybil as we see him have a break down–you just let it all out Thomas!

We have found out some positive news about Bates–finally–but don’t let out a sigh of relief just yet. If his prison enemies have anything to do with his innocence, it might be a while before he sees any sight of freedom–can’t a girl get a break around here!

Lastly, Mary and Mathew are still having a hard time with their lack of baby–but after this episode’s debacle I’m sure they can hold off a little longer.

Rest in peace, Sybil!

Let’s all hope next week’s episode brings rainbows and lollipops–that’s all I can handle at this point.

Season 3, Episode 3


An electric toaster and a hot new footman–all packed into one hour. Episode three sure left me wanting more!

This week’s episode gave us plenty of story line to work with, both downstairs and up. And since we started with downstairs last week, this week I’ll start with upstairs–just keeping the peace.

Political agendas and a mismanaged Downton were all the rage upstairs this week. The rebellious Tom struck again–to be expected–and had to flee Ireland. He did, however, manage to forget something of importance as he journeyed to Downton. What might that have been, you ask. Well, Tom, you forgot the pregnant wife! Okay he didn’t actually forget Lady Sybil, but he did leave her to make her own way to Downton. As you can imagine, this mistake set Tom back a bit with the Crawleys–we may have to start referring to him as Branson again. Even though Tom’s in trouble with the family, I’m happy to have Lady Sybil back on the scene.

Lady Edith found her way out of sorrow and something to speak up about–women’s rights. When Lady Edith wrote The New York Times about women’s rights in Britain versus America, The Earl of Grantham may not have appreciated her outspokenness, but I sure did. Everyone wanted her to find a hobby to keep her mind off the recent runaway groom situation but when she found one they were not-so pleased. Go get em’, Edith.

Now for the mismanagement of Downton. Mathew, you say there has been wasted money and mismanaged assets–what? As we, in the 21st century, watch the Downton household being run we understand there could be some cutbacks, especially since there’s new co-ownership on the rise. Looks like Mathew isn’t going to take this discovery lightly, and we’ll get to see more of it next week–can’t wait!

Going down the stairs, we find a new invention, hot new footman and yet another Anna and Bates scandal. When we left off episode two, Bates got a little scarier and now we see a conspiracy between him and his cell mate. Maybe Bates should try a little bit of peacekeeping himself, so Anna doesn’t have to suffer–geeez. But everyone received all their letters in this end, so all is good–for now.

Downton has brought the awing of many an invention–motor car and telephone– but none so immediately accepted by Mrs. Hughes as the electric toaster. She even suggested getting one for the upstairs breakfasts–man, talk about your women of the roaring 20s.

We are also brought a hot new footman, who is apparently not just for us ladies to ogle over–we see you Thomas. I suspect a new love triangle arising…

I leave you now with something I hope will keep you busy until next week’s episode…

James, the new footman:


Season 3, episode 2


This week it seemed most of the juicy drama was to be found downstairs at Downton, but, of course, there were also some happenings upstairs to be addressed.

At the beginning of episode 2, Mary is still upset with Mathew for not committing his inheritance from Lavinia to the Crawley family savings–Mathew, don’t you know you’ll eventually give it up. As Mathew receives a letter from Lavinia’s late father, another struggle between Mary and Mathew strikes up as he refuses to read it. Finally–as all good women would do–Mary gets ahold of the letter and reads it aloud to Mathew. After investigating the legitimacy of the letter, Mathew decides to give over the money to keep the Crawley’s in Downton Abbey–no shocker there.

Phew, now that we’re staying in Downton Abbey and not moving to Downton Place–yuck–we can move onto poor Lady, the spinster, Edith. Even though she was wearing the traditional Crawley tiara, Sir Strallan still left Lady Edith at the alter. Please don’t give up just yet, Lady Edith! Not all of us are the pretty sisters, but we’d like to keep the hope alive. Although the war left the women of the roaring 20s without many choices of men, I still think Edith’s got what it takes to rope one in. Go get em’ Edith!

Moving onto the juicy downstairs drama. Mrs. Hughes had us all worried as she was waiting for news of her cancer scare. Thank goodness she is clear of cancer–for now. This scare also gave us a look into a possible Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson relationship brewing. Yeah!

Daisy sure was coming on strong with the new footman, Alfred. The roaring 20s really are bringing out the best in these women.

Anna and Mr. Bates, however, are looking a little rocky–boooo. It seems the more we learn of Bates, the more his guilt maybe a fact. I can’t wait to find out more, and it looks like episode 3 is chalked full of Anna and Bates news.

Will we have any resolve in Bates’s case? Can Edith move on from this heartbreak? Will Daisy ever make a move on Alfred? What do you all think will happen in Sunday’s episode?

Season 3, Episode 1


It’s all money-shmoney, as shown in episode one of Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic. As Cora refuses to be upset about Robert losing her family fortune on one bad investment–thanks to some convincing tears from him, of course–the Crawley family gets prepared for one big royal wedding.

And on that glorious day, we get an introduction into Lady Mary in her beautiful wedding gown (A big thanks to costume designer Caroline McCall for the dress!).

Don’t worry Mary, your dress wasn’t predictable–as we don’t ever want you to be, either. It was tasteful and elegant. The same way Branson (or Tom) introduced himself into the Crawley family–not.

Branson really proved the family right as he was outspoken about his Irish politics and got himself into trouble after trouble, but in-the-end Mathew really came through with the Best Man offer. Thanks for saving the day, Mathew. Finally, a break for Tom! But seriously Branson, you really “Don’t have a change after a voyage?” Good question there, Dowager Countess.

Speaking of change, it’s now the roaring 20s at the Crawley house and everyone is all atwitter. The dress code is changing and so are the men and women of the house. Get ready!

Get ready is right. After all is said-and-done with the royal wedding, Cora’s mum (American, of course) offers up a new way to entertain guests as they host their first inside picnic at Downton. Good luck holding onto tradition now, Robert and Mary. And whilst at this party we learn of Edith’s new engagement to Sir Strallan.

Edith, you little minx you! Well, I’ll be excited to see what uproar this announcement brings along…

Also, on the lower levels of Downton, we watch as the new, GIANT, footman gets hazed and dazed by the lovely American all while Bates fights for his place in jail.

Let’s watch and see what the next episode may hold. Let me know what your predictions are!