Season 3, Episode 3


An electric toaster and a hot new footman–all packed into one hour. Episode three sure left me wanting more!

This week’s episode gave us plenty of story line to work with, both downstairs and up. And since we started with downstairs last week, this week I’ll start with upstairs–just keeping the peace.

Political agendas and a mismanaged Downton were all the rage upstairs this week. The rebellious Tom struck again–to be expected–and had to flee Ireland. He did, however, manage to forget something of importance as he journeyed to Downton. What might that have been, you ask. Well, Tom, you forgot the pregnant wife! Okay he didn’t actually forget Lady Sybil, but he did leave her to make her own way to Downton. As you can imagine, this mistake set Tom back a bit with the Crawleys–we may have to start referring to him as Branson again. Even though Tom’s in trouble with the family, I’m happy to have Lady Sybil back on the scene.

Lady Edith found her way out of sorrow and something to speak up about–women’s rights. When Lady Edith wrote The New York Times about women’s rights in Britain versus America, The Earl of Grantham may not have appreciated her outspokenness, but I sure did. Everyone wanted her to find a hobby to keep her mind off the recent runaway groom situation but when she found one they were not-so pleased. Go get em’, Edith.

Now for the mismanagement of Downton. Mathew, you say there has been wasted money and mismanaged assets–what? As we, in the 21st century, watch the Downton household being run we understand there could be some cutbacks, especially since there’s new co-ownership on the rise. Looks like Mathew isn’t going to take this discovery lightly, and we’ll get to see more of it next week–can’t wait!

Going down the stairs, we find a new invention, hot new footman and yet another Anna and Bates scandal. When we left off episode two, Bates got a little scarier and now we see a conspiracy between him and his cell mate. Maybe Bates should try a little bit of peacekeeping himself, so Anna doesn’t have to suffer–geeez. But everyone received all their letters in this end, so all is good–for now.

Downton has brought the awing of many an invention–motor car and telephone– but none so immediately accepted by Mrs. Hughes as the electric toaster. She even suggested getting one for the upstairs breakfasts–man, talk about your women of the roaring 20s.

We are also brought a hot new footman, who is apparently not just for us ladies to ogle over–we see you Thomas. I suspect a new love triangle arising…

I leave you now with something I hope will keep you busy until next week’s episode…

James, the new footman:



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