Season 3, episode 4


Nnnnoooooooo, Sybil don’t leave us! As always, Downton gave us all plenty of story line to talk of, but all that seems to matter is poor poor Lady Sybil and Tom (and the new baby).

After Lady Sybil was able to give birth to her new daughter all seemed to be good and well, and then later in the night tragedy struck as Sybil asphyxiated to death–quite graphically, I may add. And as I try to write this blog through my tears–I know it’s only a show–I can’t help but remember Cora’s goodbye to her sweet baby daughter and the newborn girl and husband, Tom, Sybil left behind. We will love you forever, Sybil! Please come back to us!

And though I sit and ponder what could happen with Tom and their baby, I know other important news was brought to our attention in tonight’s episode.

As I attempt to see past my favorite character’s graphic death, let me give a brief look at the other “newsworthy” happenings.

Ethel has been rashly hired by Isabella, which has left Mrs. Bird without any other option but to leave the her position as cook. Isabella might regret her decision later, however as we’ve come to realize Ethel has zero-to-no cooking abilities what so ever.

Mrs. O’Brien and Thomas–currently being referred to as Mr. Barrow–are still plotting against each other as Mrs. O’Brien has tricked the new footman into what Thomas may have misread as love signals. We’ll have to wait and see how this plot unfolds… Also, we were given insight into Thomas’s heart–big shocker. He shows us his relationship with Lady Sybil as we see him have a break down–you just let it all out Thomas!

We have found out some positive news about Bates–finally–but don’t let out a sigh of relief just yet. If his prison enemies have anything to do with his innocence, it might be a while before he sees any sight of freedom–can’t a girl get a break around here!

Lastly, Mary and Mathew are still having a hard time with their lack of baby–but after this episode’s debacle I’m sure they can hold off a little longer.

Rest in peace, Sybil!

Let’s all hope next week’s episode brings rainbows and lollipops–that’s all I can handle at this point.


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