Season 3, episode 2


This week it seemed most of the juicy drama was to be found downstairs at Downton, but, of course, there were also some happenings upstairs to be addressed.

At the beginning of episode 2, Mary is still upset with Mathew for not committing his inheritance from Lavinia to the Crawley family savings–Mathew, don’t you know you’ll eventually give it up. As Mathew receives a letter from Lavinia’s late father, another struggle between Mary and Mathew strikes up as he refuses to read it. Finally–as all good women would do–Mary gets ahold of the letter and reads it aloud to Mathew. After investigating the legitimacy of the letter, Mathew decides to give over the money to keep the Crawley’s in Downton Abbey–no shocker there.

Phew, now that we’re staying in Downton Abbey and not moving to Downton Place–yuck–we can move onto poor Lady, the spinster, Edith. Even though she was wearing the traditional Crawley tiara, Sir Strallan still left Lady Edith at the alter. Please don’t give up just yet, Lady Edith! Not all of us are the pretty sisters, but we’d like to keep the hope alive. Although the war left the women of the roaring 20s without many choices of men, I still think Edith’s got what it takes to rope one in. Go get em’ Edith!

Moving onto the juicy downstairs drama. Mrs. Hughes had us all worried as she was waiting for news of her cancer scare. Thank goodness she is clear of cancer–for now. This scare also gave us a look into a possible Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson relationship brewing. Yeah!

Daisy sure was coming on strong with the new footman, Alfred. The roaring 20s really are bringing out the best in these women.

Anna and Mr. Bates, however, are looking a little rocky–boooo. It seems the more we learn of Bates, the more his guilt maybe a fact. I can’t wait to find out more, and it looks like episode 3 is chalked full of Anna and Bates news.

Will we have any resolve in Bates’s case? Can Edith move on from this heartbreak? Will Daisy ever make a move on Alfred? What do you all think will happen in Sunday’s episode?


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