Season 3, Episode 1


It’s all money-shmoney, as shown in episode one of Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic. As Cora refuses to be upset about Robert losing her family fortune on one bad investment–thanks to some convincing tears from him, of course–the Crawley family gets prepared for one big royal wedding.

And on that glorious day, we get an introduction into Lady Mary in her beautiful wedding gown (A big thanks to costume designer Caroline McCall for the dress!).

Don’t worry Mary, your dress wasn’t predictable–as we don’t ever want you to be, either. It was tasteful and elegant. The same way Branson (or Tom) introduced himself into the Crawley family–not.

Branson really proved the family right as he was outspoken about his Irish politics and got himself into trouble after trouble, but in-the-end Mathew really came through with the Best Man offer. Thanks for saving the day, Mathew. Finally, a break for Tom! But seriously Branson, you really “Don’t have a change after a voyage?” Good question there, Dowager Countess.

Speaking of change, it’s now the roaring 20s at the Crawley house and everyone is all atwitter. The dress code is changing and so are the men and women of the house. Get ready!

Get ready is right. After all is said-and-done with the royal wedding, Cora’s mum (American, of course) offers up a new way to entertain guests as they host their first inside picnic at Downton. Good luck holding onto tradition now, Robert and Mary. And whilst at this party we learn of Edith’s new engagement to Sir Strallan.

Edith, you little minx you! Well, I’ll be excited to see what uproar this announcement brings along…

Also, on the lower levels of Downton, we watch as the new, GIANT, footman gets hazed and dazed by the lovely American all while Bates fights for his place in jail.

Let’s watch and see what the next episode may hold. Let me know what your predictions are!


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