Free Mr. Bates!

Thomas and O’Brien couldn’t get rid of Mr. Bates in season one and neither should the law keep us from his presence in Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic‘s season three.


John Bates is known for his work ethic, despite his disabilities, his morals and for fighting off the evils of Thomas and O’Brien in season one. So, how could anyone accuse him of poisoning his wife, Vera Bates, in season two?

Bates came to Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic as Lord Grantham’s new valet who had served him in the previous war as Lord Grantham’s “Batman.” As Bates first arrives with a his cane at foot and previous experience with Lord Grantham, others in the house become outraged and begin to devise a plan to get Bates out of the estate. The two main characters who scheme were Thomas and O’Brien. They were interested in furthering their own ends at Downton Abbey by ridding the house of him. With determination from Mr. Bates, Anna and Mr. Carson, this devious plan, of course, was not carried out. And when Mr. Bates’s attempts to depart from the Crawley family in season one, Lord Grantham exclaims, “It’s not right.”

Don’t worry Mr. Bates…You might not be at Downton Abbey at the moment, but you’re never forgotten.

Free Mr. Bates!

Get a head start on catching up before season 3, watch PBS’s Downton Abbey, Season 2: A Special Q&A with the Cast here.


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