Character Bio: Tom Branson–chauffer turned hubby

As the character, Branson, or the actor, Allen Leech, how ever you’d like to think of Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic‘s chauffeur/ hubby extraordinaire, he sure does stir the Crawley pot–in a rather delightful way. Don’t ya think?

In the show, Branson comes to the Crawley family as a republican Irish and somewhat of a political rebel. At first, his rebellious nature intrigues Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, but once Branson’s views take effect on Lady Sybil, he’s no longer intrigued–just annoyed. Not so enthralled with the current British Empire, Branson is destined to make a change in the political climate. He never thought his first target would turn out to be the youngest Crawley, Lady Sybil.

In reality Branson is played by Irish actor, Allen Leech, who studied theater at Trinity College Dublin. He started his acting career in 1998 in a small production of A Streetcar Named Desire. His first major film appearance was as “Vincent Cusack” in Cowboys and Angels and earned an Irish Televsion and Film nomination in 2004 for his performance as “Mo Chara” in Man About Dog. Check out his slide show from films past to the present Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic series.

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Don’t miss the Downton Abbey Masterpiece Classic recap starting December 2nd on KACV, leading up to the premiere of season three on January 6th. And check out “The Lady and the Chauffuer” video diary of the Lady Sybil/ Tom Branson love story.


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