Feast like a Crawley

As we prepare our Thanksgiving feasts fit-for-Americans one day a year, it’s ever-so intriguing to think how the royal-Edwardians at Downton Abbey feast first-class nightly. Maybe this Thanksgiving we can all put our cooking skills to the test and feast like a Crawley.

Considering these nightly-meals consisted anywhere from six to 22 courses, this definitely seems to be easier said than done. We may not all have a kitchen staff fit for the Crawley family, but we do have a shortened menu with only 7 courses (only 7, ha!) inclusive of a day-to-day make-ahead cheat sheet from our very-own, personal Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Pamela from downtonabbeycooks.com. We are sure to conquer this cooking test!

The menu above, from the “Last Dinner on the Titanic,” is Mrs. Pamela’s inspiration for a prime Crawley family feast.

Now click here and grab a friend or three–probably more like half a dozen–and begin your preparations.

For more inspiration, watch this Downton Abbey on Masterpiece clip from season 2-“Lavinia at Dinner.”

Good luck, and feast away! Let me know how it goes.

Remember, season 3 premieres in America Sunday, January 6th.


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